October 4, 2012 @ 6:31 PM

The following blog posts are written by expert animal handler and master groomer Amy Howard.

Amy has been in the grooming industry for 23 years. She has owned and operated GroomingDales Pet Salon & Day Spa in Beavercreek Ohio, for almost 17 years. She has completed Companion Animal Hygenist certification, and is the first groomer in Ohio to perform Ultra White oral freshness treatments.  

Amy is a leader in her industry in the greater Dayton, Ohio area, setting high cleanliness and animal handling standards that most groomers in this area had refused to uphold.

Amy attends continuing education conferences and continuely evaluates her job as a salon owner and her facility to be inovative and state of the art. She has also competed against her peers in styling contests.

Amy has seen, handled, and/or groomed every kind and size of pet that you can imagine. She is quite skilled at establishing repore with animals for the purpose of gaining their trust and letting go of fears that come with being professionally groomed. She fearlessly works with animals that many groomers have given up on.

Amy believes in helping pet owners to be more educated in the care of their pets. She loves to answer questions and give pet owners the tools that they need to better understand why pets behave the way that they do. Healthy happy pets is our number one goal and we want you to know that we are here to help you!