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Day Spa Services

Day Spa services are the little extra "feel good/smell good" treatments that lavish us and our pets!  During a visit, getting groomed or bathed, is the perfect time to do them as most require using water or a professional's application! Making your pet feel good...  you will feel good too!

It is a well established fact here, at GroomingDales, that dogs that get day spa services are happier pets because they get petted more. Many of the following services make pets extremely pleasant to smell, touch, pet and hold!

Most all of these treatments require a bath, so they are charged IN ADDITION TO  a Basic Groom Choice (see Grooming).

These products and services can make pets extremely pleasing to touch and smell and make for an awesome grooming experience for your pet! 


Oral Hygiene Treatment!

Rids your pet of the disgusting calculus that makes your pets teeth discolored (brown/green/gray), and freshens his/her breath instantly.  Whiter Teeth and Fresh breath today!  $120.00

(Introductory offer until Nov 1, 2012~ $99)   



 ULTIMATE SPA - For the pampered pet! Includes the world's best salon products for pets, addressing the most popular requests of discerning pet owners! INCLUDES: SPA Fresh Shampoo Bath,  SPA Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, SPA Blueberry Facial, SPA Bubble Bath Paw Treatment, Toenails filed, and Vanilla Aromatherapy by SPA! $36.00

COMFORT SPA- For the pet that needs extra TLC! Natural Wonder! Using your pet's ultra sensitive power of smell we impart relaxation and comfort. Great for nervous, frightened, shy, aggressive, or grieving pets. INCLUDES: SPA Comfort Lavender Oatmeal Shampoo Bath, SPA Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, and Comforting Lavender Aromatherapy by SPA. $20.00

RENEW SPA- Energizing and invigorating! This light bouquet of ginger root and pink grapefruit, leaves your pet feeling kissed by a summer breeze using cocoa derived cleansers and botanical emollients to condition and shine! INCLUDES: SPA Renew Shampoo Bath, SPA Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, and Renew Aromatherapy by SPA. $20.00

SENIOR SPA- GroomingDales Exclusive! Your old pet deserves this soothing, comforting, and therapeutic treatment! Also excellent for dogs who have suffered car accidents, falls, sprains, dog attacks or abuse. INCLUDES: SPA Comfort Lavender Oatmeal Shampoo Bath, SPA Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, Lavender Aromatherapy by SPA, Espree Thera-care body brace soak. $28.00 (
with 30 minutes of Tellington Touch massage $65.00).

DENTI-PEDI- Your pet's teeth will be brushed and toenails buffed and filed. For more pleasant interactons with your pet! $16.00!




YOU PICK 2.......$14.00*

YOU PICK 3.........$20.00*


 ANAL GLANDS- Gentle expression of the anal sacs. 

COLOR DYEING- Color dyeing is only recommended for WHITE dogs and requires a consultation.

CRYSTAL WHITE- Crystal White Enzyme Shampoo Not only whitens, but also helps to remove tears, saliva & urine stains. Works wonderfully on all colored pets! Crystal White Shampoo is the most advanced formulation in shampoo technology. It uses coconut based cleansing agents to effectively remove oil based soil. Removes stains caused by urine, grass, blood, saliva and other organic soil. This shampoo, enhanced with optical brighteners result in brighter whites and more defined markings.

DE-SKUNK- Removes skunk odor within 24 hours of first contact. This solution is made fresh minutes before applied to your pet. Designed to cut the oil that skunks spray and  Designed to neutralize the enzyme that makes skunk stench, and cut the oil that makes the foul odor stay. $20.00 

FACIAL SCRUB-This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not sting eyes. Great for all skin types and all ages of pets.


FLEA AND TICK REMEDY- This botanical dip is toxic to insects, but not to pets. Kills and repels fleas, ticks, lice, flies, and mosquitoes up to 14 days.
$10.00 (Not included in YOU PICK TWO OR THREE)

FUR-MINATOR- This 4 step process rids your pet of unwanted undercoat. Fortifying shampoo strengthens the rain coat, de-shed solution softens the undercoat, high velocity blowing removes the loosened hair, and raking with the patented FUR-minator tool pulls out the rest! Seeing is believing!
$14.00 Dogs under 20 lbs.
$19.00 Dogs 20-30 lbs. and Cats.
$24.00 Dogs 30-50 lbs.
$29.00 Dogs 50-80 lbs.
$34.00 Dogs 80-110 lbs
$39.00 Dogs 110-150 lbs.
$44.00 Dogs 150-200 lbs.
$49.00 Dogs 200+ lbs
(FUR-minator is not included in the YOU PICK TWO)

HOT OIL TREATMENT- Adds moisturizing oils to the skin and coats of cats and dogs that are damaged or lack luster. Forms a protective layer to prevent moisture loss and revitalize water repellent coats.

MEDICATED OATMEAL BATH- Specially formulated with Oatmeal and Tea Tree to sooth dry, itchy skin. Helps eliminate pet body odor. Natural salicylic acid eliminates flaking, dandruff, and scales associated with seborrhea.

OXY-MED- ANTI ITCH SYSTEMOxy-Med® Shampoo and Ultra Soothing Medicated Rinse is a soothing coconut based shampoo and after shampoo treatment formulated with micronized Oatmeal and Vitamin E for a soothing bath. Alpha Hydroxys penetrate the lowermost levels of the skin (stratum corneum) “cleaning out” the skins pores and "lifting" the dirt away. Wheat Protein and Vitamin B5 supply nourishment for a healthy skin and coat.  Oxy-Med® is formulated to stop itching, control flaking and reduce shedding. Oxy-Med® contains. Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids supply nourishment for a healthy skin & coat.
$16.00 (This is a medicated system, that is not included in the YOU PICK specials)

PAW TREATMENT- Treat your pet to a respite of tranquility and splendor. The brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment. Your pet will also be surrounded by moisturizing bubbles accented with vitamin enriched bath oils. The Spa fragrance is an inspired blend of vanilla and warm linden. Spa Bubble Bath soothes their paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.

KIWI COCONUT MOISTURE- This advanced conditioning formula with intensified moisturizers soothes dry, sensitive skin. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy sheen. Eliminates static and tangles, leaving the coat soft and easy to comb.

TAR & SULFA- Luxury Tar & Sulfa Shampoo is a pH balanced, non-detergent therapeutic shampoo with precious skin loving nutrients. An excellent treatment shampoo with a clean cherry fragrance. Carefully blended with Coal Tar and Bio Sulfa Fluid for relief of multiple skin problems and healing of inflamed irritations. Aloe and Vitamins A,D,E, promote healing. Great for dry skin, but oily coat. NOT FOR USE ON CATS.

TEETH-BRUSHING- Without proper dental care, 70% of dogs and cats start to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems. Brushing promotes healthy gums and helps bad breath for up to 12 hours.

THERA CARE- A biodegradable non-alkaline formula with deep penetration action. Helps to relax tired,  muscles and aching joints. Helps to itching, biting and scratching from insect related skin problems. Great for older (geriatric) dogs. C. Alternative to Pesticides. Contains Tea Tree Oil, Herb and Citrus Oils. NOT FOR USE ON CATS. (*ADD $1.00 to YOU PICK TWO special)

TOENAIL BUFF & FILE- Toenails are rounded nicely with an electric rotary tool, giving us the ability to make the nail as short as possible without bleeding or rough edges.

VINEGAR RINSE- Made fresh in our salon, minutes before applied to your pet. This natural rinse is antimicrobial and will help kill staph and other bacteria, which can lead to very serious skin infections, on the skin.

$0.00 (free for those who ask!)


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