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We are quite knowledgeable about  dog wellness and nutrition

We offer high quality nutritional supplements, holistic treats, and natural chews and antlers.

We sell Super Premium dog food      BLACKWOOD

We have items like Anti-bloat bowls that slow aggressive eaters

We offer a wide variety of option to rid your pet, and keep our salon, free of external parasites; such as fleas and ticks

  • skin and coat treatment- for flea bite dermatitis
  • external parasite preventative and treatment
  • pesticide treatments for your home and yard
  • flea and tick control with alternatives to pesticides
  • daily salon inspection, including 2 resident cats for parasites.

We have a special quiet room that is isolated from the other animals in our store for pets with special needs

We offer Ultra White Oral Freshness treatments for fresh breath and white teeth without anesthesia

We attend health and wellness seminars at our annual national and regional trade shows.

There is no contact with other pets in the salon including nose to nose greetings. (As friendly as these contacts seem, it is the way that dog viruses and diseases are spread. You should NEVER let your pet go "nose to nose" with an animal that you do not know.)CAH- Certified Companion Animal Hygienist can help identify reasons to see your veterinarian

We are veterinarian recommended

We are always striving to find new and exciting ways to help you keep your pet healthier.


GroomingDales Hours: By Appointment

Sunday No grooming, store open 6pm-7pm, boarder pick ups

Monday: No grooming 6pm-7pm boarder pick ups

Tuesday- Saturday Grooming 8am -5:00pm (Pick-ups by 9pm).


Sunday  CLOSED
Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am-9:00pm
(Please finish by 9pm)








Contact Us (937) 427-3777 for an appointment or a friendly quote.
Or email us at groomers@aol.com, please type "appointment" in the subject line.