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Happy Grooming


We give multiple breaks throughout the entire grooming process to help reduce stress and have opportunities to rest.

We always offer water. ALWAYS.

If you bring food with your pet, we will offer it on the long break (we recommend a light breakfast, if any, before a car ride and appointment for services.).

We offer toys to entertain and treats also if allowed.

We use our grooming time as repore sessions to attend to the emotional needs of the pets.

We promote a stress free environment for the animals thru

  • Salon harmony
  • Petting
  • Welcome greetings
  • Loving, caring, and conscientious staff
  • Not rushing the animal and going at a comfortable pace for them.

We offer senior care treatments and products such as Thera-Care(r), and OxyMed(r).

We offer Quiet Room grooming for animals that need extra special attention.

We offer "Straight Thru" grooming- meaning no breaks- for senior or special needs pets.

We prefer to use Elizabethan collars instead of muzzles for upset animals. It allows them the ability to still see what is going on around them.

We are open late for later pick up if needed.


GroomingDales Hours: By Appointment

Sunday No grooming, store open 6pm-7pm, boarder pick ups

Monday: No grooming 6pm-7pm boarder pick ups

Tuesday- Saturday Grooming 8am -5:00pm (Pick-ups by 9pm).


Sunday  CLOSED
Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am-9:00pm
(Please finish by 9pm)








Contact Us (937) 427-3777 for an appointment or a friendly quote.
Or email us at groomers@aol.com, please type "appointment" in the subject line.