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ULTRA WHITE Oral Freshness Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions


Oral Freshness Treatment

What is an Ultra White Oral Freshness Treatment?

Ultra White oral freshnes treatments remove the build up of tarter and staining from the crown of the pet's teeth. This build up of tarter is generally caused by the pet's teeth not being brushed daily, or multiple times a day, like humans. The teeth are brushed and professionally polished to repel new plaque and tarter adhesion to the teeth. 

Will my pet receive drugs or anesthesia?

No. No drug of any kind will be used. Ultra White's are preformed with the pet awake and comfortable.

How is it possible with a pet that is awake?

We use two people. One person keeps the pet comfortable and helps them to hold still, the other performs the Ultra White. We whiten the teeth individually,  one at a time. We give the pet plenty of opportunities to move, lick, swallow. The pet has to LET us perform the Ultra White. The treatment specialist is skilled at establishing rapport with pets for the purpose of using sharp or pointed instruments around a pet's face. It is very similar to using scissors around the eyes, nose, and lips. The water pik has a forceful spray and requires the pet to sit somewhat still with the nose down so that the excess water flows out of the mouth. The treatment specialist may stop the Ultra White at any time and recommend that you consult your verterinarian about a prophy with anesthesia.

How long does it take?

Every pet is different. On the average, about an hour. The determining factors on how long it takes includes the following: How much calculus is encrusted on the crown of the teeth, How many times the treatment is paused to let the pet move, lick, and swallow, and how many teeth the pet actually has.

What kind of follow up care can I expect?


You will receive before and after pictures of your pet's Ultra White.

You will take home a bottle of veterinarian recommended Plaqclnz for daily after care. The charge is included in the price of the groom. We will remove the charge if you do not want it.

Maintenance appointments are available at $20.00 per month. (after two months $40, after 3 months $60, after 4 months it goes back to full price $120.00)

You should follow up with your veterinarian for oral health issues.

Is this the same as a Veterinary dental prophylaxis?

No. A veterinary dental prophy is different. 

1.) Veterinary prophys are done under anesthesia.

2.) A Vet prophy includes deep cleaning under the gums. An Ultra White is never intentionally subgingival.

3.) Because a pet is under anesthesia the insides of the teeth are easier to get to. Depending on the veterinarians' thoroughness, the insides won't have any residual tarter.

4.) A veterinarian might do blood work and possibly x-rays to determine the overall health of your pet's mouth.  Only a licensed veterinarian can determine the health of your pet's mouth.

5.) An Ultra White only whitens and freshens- not to be confused with a cleaning.

Ultra White treatments do not prevent, treat, or cure any disease of the mouth. You should always consult with your veterinarian for oral health issues.

Why does my pet have to be older than 3 to have an Ultra White?

1.) Before age 3 your pet shouldn't need an Ultra White.

2.) Because between age 6 months-3 years a pet should be spayed or neutered, and a veterinary prophy can be performed at that time.

3.) As a pet ages, the dentin in the tooth becomes thicker and poses less risk of breaking or chipping a tooth during the Ultra White.

Does my pet have to be getting groomed to get an Ultra White?

As much as getting a professional grooming after an Ultra White is encouraged, it is not necessary.  An Ultra White can be a little messy. Water is used to flush the chucks of tarter away from the tooth so that it can be removed from the pet's mouth and not swallowed. Some pets are used to coming to us for grooming and an Ultra White added to their day is no big deal. For other pets that don't appreciate being groomed or suffer from stress, should have their Ultra White a week before being groomed.

Is my pet's Ultra White performed around flying hair, or where pets are being groomed?

No. We have a separate room that is clean, quiet, and away from hair floating in the air. 

What training has the Ultra White technician received?

1.)  Companion Animal Hygienist certification. 1997 World Wide Pet Association

2.) Study of "Canine Dentistry for the Small Animal Technician" by M. Lynne Kesel (May 2000) July 2011-June 2012

3.) Hands on training. Supervision and instruction on whitening techniques, equipment/ water pik, and follow up consultation with "Best Friends Pet Dental- anesthesia free dental hygienists. Los Angeles, California July- 2012 

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