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This is our Social Distancing Policy *Updated April 6 4:37

Social Distancing Policies And Procedures


The following Social Distancing measures were implemented by owner Mrs. Howard on the premises of her pet store, GroomingDales 3821 Dayton Xenia Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432 on March 15, 2020, updated to accommodate changes made for April 6th, request for face coverings.


  1. Employees and customers have and are being required to maintain a 6 ft distance from other individuals and to refrain from physical contact. Except Mr. and Mrs. Howard considered to be a family and two employees that ride together to work, considered a family.


    1. Signs are clearly posted in the entry and on the door, painters tape on the floor to designate distance from a half door vulnerable to approach, verbal instructions given before entry is allowed, furniture placement to inhibit accidental incursion of 6 foot space upon an employee, and employees have been instructed to visually use 1 foot square tiles on the floor to determine distance. Entry and Exit doors are marked respectively to prevent accidental face to face encounters while coming in or going out.


  1. Employees are trained to wash hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds as frequently as possible or to use hand sanitizer provided.


  1. Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes are provided and placed prominently for customer use.


  1. Employees are required to cover coughs or sneezes into the sleeve or elbow.


  1. Employees are required to clean or sanitize frequently touched surfaces


  1. The most vulnerable employees have been asked to stay home.


  1. Wednesdays are reserved for elderly and vulnerable populations.


  1. Pick up and delivery of pets and products is available for elderly and vulnerable populations.


  1. Back office employees can deploy remote management of computers and business software off location or from home and will do so whenever possible.


  1. All employees temperatures are taken and logged before they can begin a shift.


  1. All customers are by appointment and told that only one person (or family) are allowed in the store at a time.


  1. Currently the average time a customer is in the store is 2 minutes.


  1. Every customer is educated on the phone prior to entry, to know what to expect and how to be expedient without touching surfaces and successful at social distancing.


  1. All employees have been trained on social distancing and how to move through the store using different routes to avoid close contact as well as using separate tub areas, tables, doors, stock rooms, and yard to accommodate that mandate


  1. All surfaces that are touched by customers are lysol'd directly following, including but not limited to doors, counters, pet accommodations, pens and papers.
  2. Employees that contact unwashed pets wear smocks covering their street clothing and sanitize the front with Lysol throughout the day.


  1. Pet or product instructions, shopping, and payments are completed over the phone. Drop off, and pick up of pets or products are self serve with no contact necessary with employees.


  1. A HEPA air scrubber is running in the designated customer area.


  1. Entry way has big easy to read signs stating not to enter without calling 937-427-3777. Unexpected visitors are instructed to return to their vehicle and call. 


  1. All resident pets have been relocated to the Howard’s home to halt customers from petting them.


  1. No new grooming or boarding clients are being accepted.


  1. Potential pet adopter’s visits are done in a designated area away from employees and customers.


  1. All Social Distancing policies have been posted online as so Ordered


   24. All employees and customers are asked to wear face coverings/ masks.


GroomingDales Hours: By Appointment

Sunday No grooming, store open 6pm-7pm, boarder pick ups

Monday: No grooming 6pm-7pm boarder pick ups

Tuesday- Saturday Grooming 8am -5:00pm (Pick-ups by 9pm).


Sunday  CLOSED
Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am-9:00pm
(Please finish by 9pm)








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