April 1, 2014  Price Increase
The "straight" on our business

Here at GroomingDales we strive to give value for your dollar. We do things for and with your pet that your will not find in another grooming salon ANYWHERE in the greater Dayton area.

We believe that you will not find a service/love/value comparison anywhere else.

Believe it or not, most groomers don't have any REAL basic breakdown of why their services cost what they do. Typically they open up shop, basing their prices UNDER what everyone else is charging and then increase their prices over time to come into a "competitive" price range... It is sometimes a struggle for them because clients don't know why the cost increases EVERYTIME they get their pet groomed. In turn, the groomer is now established and wants more money for their time, tools, and products. Because they didn't base their prices on their overhead in the beginning they spend years "catching up" and frankly... upsetting their clients. This is in fact the reason why so many pet groomers opt to cut costs behind the scenes.

  • employees are not paid what they are worth, or given raises for loyal service.
  • broken equipment isn't repaired, or worse... given an unsafe "patch". (often these are electrical)
  • cage drying pets, instead of paying a person to dry them (read more about this UNSAFE practice)
  • using cheap products that are harsh to the dogs skin and coat, or worse...
  • using products not meant for pets at all (ie dish soap, fabric softener, lawn pesticides)
  • not cleaning and sanitizing caging areas or paying someone to do so
  • skimping on sharpening scissors and clipper blades
  • sacrificing pets emotional state to clip, bathe and dry as many a humanly possible, often traumatizing them forever.
  • not continuing their education and staying abreast of current licensing, trends, skills or practices
  • dropping liability or contents insurance

This list could go on and on....


Our price schedule has been carefully thought out, numbers mashed, and planned ahead to accommodate for inflation. We base our prices on what we pay our employees (which for what they do, is never enough), the great products that we use, and the cost of operation. (electric, trash, water, rent...) 

Since 2000, we have carefully scheduled and planned our prices increases to coincide with inflation and employee compensation, as well as facility upgrades.

Our last price price increase was 2008 on schedule with our fiscal plan, however it was a 10% increase instead of the planned 20%. Why? Because at the time the plan was put in place, certain financial drains didn't actually come to fruition. There wasn't a fiscal need for a 20% increase. So we went with 10% :)

Our next "scheduled" price increase of 10% was to be implemented in 2010. Weeell, our country... was DEEP in an economic recession.  Even though our costs had increased, as business owners, we thought that we would be adding to the country's financial problems by increasing prices. (Okay, so maybe one pet grooming business not raising their prices on schedule may not affect the overall economy, we realize this, however, if ALL small businesses -our country's largest employer- made this decision it could. In our thought process, it was enough.... it starts here.... with us.) So we decided to keep plugging away with what we had to work with, which didn't include reducing our quality of care or products. It was okay. Really. Except for unmaintained pets, which we spend more time on, is harder on our tools and more clean up... so we implemented  our maintenance policy. Basically, people that maintained their pets coats in between professional grooming, stayed the same price. Pets that were unmaintained sustained a 20% increase on only that particular grooming. This was a way to give pet owners a chance to save this the next time.

2011- still weathering the recession.... 

2012- We took a hard look and decided that we had space that we were paying for (that YOU our valued client was paying us for) that we weren't utilizing optimally. So- we invested $50,000.00 into the facility that we use to provide services, to provide BETTER services. 

2013- Our recent remodel is paying for itself, but our expenses have surpassed our sales receipts. We continue with programs that we can't afford.. employee loyalty bonuses, company parties, charitable contributions, and frankly, CHRISTMAS. Christmas gifts to our clients, pictures with Santa Claus, and our own children that wake up and open gifts on December 25th. :D

2014- here we are. Our receipts are unbalanced against our overhead, we have invested into our clients interests beyond a reasonable bottom line and we are up against a hedge. We have to raise our prices. 


clean      healthy      happy      safe

I gaurentee you that you will be happy... if not we will die trying.

We are not in this business to rape your wallet. We want to provide you the BEST pet care services with the best products at the BEST prices posssible. If you feel that we cannot meet these needs at the price that you expect. We will happily bow out and wish you and your beloved pet the best and your new pet care provider well. :)

Please view our standards of care here.



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