Pet Grooming Lessons
All Breed Dog (and cat)

We are now pleased to inform you that that  we
offer private all breed pet grooming instruction!


  After more than 2 decades in the pet grooming industry, I have found that I can rarely hire a pet groomer that is "straight out of school".  I have interviewed and "tried out" many novice groomers that had recently recieved a "Master Groomer" certificate from many different schools, including schools in other states.  There is a common difficulty with these groomers... they have no experience.  These groomers have often only been taught very basic fundamentals of pet grooming.  They have not been taught how to be a GOOD groomer, how to work directly with the animal to make the grooming easier.  I cannot leave them unattended with grooming instructions and know that the job will be done COMPLETELY, ACCURATELY, ATTRACTIVELY, HUMANELY, and/or WITHOUT EXTREME FRUSTRATION TO THE GROOMER. These are the most important attributes of my pet grooming and styling that my customers value the most, even over the price.

Driven by my need for competent groomers that succeed in customer approval, I began an apprentice program program 10 years ago. I also began offering "advanced technique" to groomers that had already attended grooming school. I have employed many of these groomers at my salon with 99% customer approval... for as long as 5 years. 

The all breed pet grooming instruction that I provide is private lessons. One on one instruction on pets owned by some of the most discriminating pet owners.  It includeds 500 pages of structured written instruction, verbal lectures, hands on practice, inanimate scissor instruction/practice (before working on live animals), graded tests, essays, student notebook compilation and more.  I issue 2 different certificates. Certificate of Completion, which is issued to any individual that pays for and completes the entire program, Certificate of Excellence, which is issued to any individual that shows exemplary grooming talent. A student can earn either of the certificates indiviually or both.

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